Go-to-market strategy for Denny’s Dinning

Strategy creation. Market analysis.

Go-to-market (UK) strategy was structured and designed for the world-famous American dining legend.

The client was an international franchise group, that has a track record of investing in and running successful franchise operations for Starbucks, Subway, Pizza Hut, O2. The group had obtained the master UK license for Denny’s and was looking for a strategic investor to expand in the UK market.

The document preserves a unique brand style in all information presented. The target market was analysed and highlights the current pattern, the most recent trends, and the competition with the existing brands.


DLAB structured Go-to-market (UK) strategy, considering the group’s previous global experience and extensive history of the world-famous American dining legend, going back to 1953. The document preserves a unique brand style in all information presented.


The investment opportunity projected the financials of the company operation in the new location through the store by store economics analysis.
The forecast assumptions were examined against the market trends and competitive landscape within all-day dining concepts. Concepts demand analysis identified that 70% of respondents would be interested in the all-day dining restaurant. Go-to-market strategy for the client was focused on the competitive advantages, including brand recognition, the economy of scale, as well as well-established regional supply chains.