Pitch design for corporate fashion brand

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Brand transformation for a corporate fashion name

DLAB transformed the brand identity for a corporate fashion house, that expanded to new markets beyond Singapore. The fashion house branding strategy was based on sustainability and full customisation, following the key corporate value “Everyone should love what they are doing every day”.

Branded booklet representing corporate strategy for sustainability

The project was supported with animation designed to illustrate all items available for customisation in an interactive way. This made the pitch engaging for the audience, showing the practical use of the tailored designs in every aspect of corporate use.

Every item available for the customisation was presented in the inveractive animation

It was great working with DLAB. The team responded quickly and efficiently, and while I was not sure about the specifics and gave a very vague description of what I needed, DLAB was able to convert it into a perfect branded deck. I will definitely work with DLAB for my next raise round.

Claudia Keller
Brand Founder

Mood board of the newly designed brand identity