What makes presentation efficient?

I personally never enjoyed long concept explanation texts. There is one big reason for it.

Simply no one reads it. That is right, we live in the era when spending a large amount of time on reading one piece of information, such as pitchbook, sales memorandum, is an unaffordable luxury.

There are tons of articles, researches, news to be “consumed”, and more are produced every single second, so it is impossible to catch-up.

Business presentations are the means to instantly drag readers’ attention to the core, the key “message”. Just take your text, put it on slides, pick a fancy pre-installed theme, and hit the “Slide show” button.  It all sounds simple, then why it does not work?

It is hard to count how many times we saw a market viable idea sinking in the ocean of too detailed descriptions, unstructured decks, and broken story flow.

The first rule to remember is if your reader does not get the page core “message” in 30 seconds or less, then through the page out and start from the beginning. DLAB team will help you to do it right this time.

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